About Us - GRC Synergies

We are passionate about GRC/GFRC and encouraging high quality production and testing processes based on the principles established over the last 40 years. Our group founded the well-respected UK based GRCUK and controlled the business until its sale in 2014. Our UK based laboratory can carry out independent testing on cured products to GRCA, PCI, BS, EN and ASTM standards.

As would be expected we are fully accredited to ISO 9001 compliance and are members of all appropriate trade bodies.

Our activities include:

  • Advising on suitability of GRC/GFRC for specific project requirements
  • Preparing GRC/GFRC specific tender documentation
  • Reviewing GRC/GFRC tender submissions
  • Carrying out pre-order factory and production assessments
  • Implementation of project specific Inspection and Testing Plans (ITP)
  • Full review of manufacturers design engineering
  • Regular factory inspections to ensure ongoing ITP compliance with appropriate corrective actions.
  • Independent laboratory testing
  • Development of correct and robust packaging and logistics solutions
  • Advice and training to installation personnel.
  • Testing of manufactured goods to ensure full ITP compliance
  • Advising on repairs and aesthetic corrective actions where appropriate
  • Expert Witness