Construction Phase - GRC Synergies

Procuring GRC/GFRC can be incredible difficult. Different manufacturers have different capabilities in terms of output, maximum panel sizes etc. Some manufacturers are independently certified by recognised authorities such as the GRCA or PCI but they only represent a small percentage of the manufacturing population. An ISO 9001 certification should not be taken as any measure of quality in regards actual production or testing.
It is impossible for any purchaser to carry out their own inspections of a GRC manufacturing plant without spending many years working within the industry. The processes involved are extremely complex whilst the testing procedures are very involved. Manufacturing products from GRC/GFRC has more in common with high tech composites as used in aerospace industry than it does concrete. Correctly made GRC/GFRC is an extremely durable product with a life expectancy well over 80 years. Unfortunately badly designed, manufactured or installed products can fail relatively quickly.
Our involvement through correct tender specification, ITP plans and regular plant inspections can help successfully manage the risks associated with incorrectly manufactured GRC/GFRC. This is often at considerable cost saving to the ultimate package value.