Royal Mail

GRC Synergies have-recently completed work on Royal Mails largest postal sorting centre

GRC Synergies have recently completed the design engineering of large format GRC Cladding panels, spandrels and mullions which are being installed at Royal Mails largest postal sorting centre in Mount Pleasant, Clerkenwell, London.

Mount Pleasant is currently undergoing a major refurbishment after 124 years in operation. Built in 1885 on the site of the former Coldbath Fields Prison from 1927-2003 Mount Pleasant was connected to other sorting offices and railway stations by a series of tunnels on which the London Post Office Railway operated.

The main contractor on the project is Mace with renowned architects Terry Farrell being the lead consultants.

The works involve the re-cladding of the Phoenix Place faade with Portland GRC cladding some of which are over 12m2 each. These panels have been designed to accommodate the relatively high wind loads the site is subjected to using cast on stud frames to provide structural rigidity.

At lower levels GRC Synergies designers had to overcome the difficulties of over cladding an existing faade with very little tolerance due to agreed building line. In addition secret fixings to often unknown substrates compounded the complexity of the project.

The works are due to be completed in August 2014 however specialist sub-contract Irvine Whitlock have already installed most of the units which have totally transformed the appearance of the faade.