GRC/GFRC Testing Services

We are pleased to announce that with effect from 1st November we can now offer a full range of testing services to GRC/GFRC manufacturers worldwide.

Our contract with the GRCA to provide “Full Member” assessments originally excluded us from working with producers of GRC/GFRC in order to avoid any conflicts of interest. However with the lack of many independent and experienced testing facilities to carry out the important quality control tests on hardened GRC/GFRC this clause has been amended in order to improve quality standards across the industry.

As such we can now provide the following services

  • Flexural testing to GRCA MOT Part 3, BSEN 1170-5, ASTM C947
  • Density, water absorption and apparent porosity testing to GRCA MOT Part 2, BS EN 1170-6, ASTM C498
  • Axial and shear pull-off tests to LMM 1201/1202
  • Accelerated Aging tests to LMM 1203

Please contact our Dinnington office for a price list