Impartiality - GRC Synergies

Impartiality is an integral part of the group’s quality management system. All group operating companies are required to work totally independently and without prejudice in either a positive or negative manner to any associated, connected companies or other businesses and/or bodies.


All work undertaken by group companies must be honest, transparent, fair, objective, truthful and free of any external influences either from customers, colleagues, senior management or leadership.

In order to achieve such impartiality all group ownership, leadership and employees are committed to the group’s impartiality policy.

  • All activities are to be documented and recorded in accordance with the company’s quality management system offering full traceability through individual processes and procedures.
  • All decisions are to be made on the basis of the available facts and evidence.
  • Decision making rationales is to be clear, considered and correctly documented in order it can be understood by others.
  • Open and honest communication are paramount at all times.
  • Every individual acting on behalf of any group operating company is to be both consistent and truthful in all written and verbal communications.
  • The company operates on the basis of full transparency in all matters except those which would be considered of a corporately confidential nature.
  • Full traceability of all works undertaken are an integral part of this policy. This includes the retention of all customer property including test specimens.
  • The group builds trust with its customers and suppliers by being open and honest about what we have done and why we have done it.



Group Managing Director

14th April 2018