Industry Bodies

We are proud to be members and supporters of all relevant industry trade bodies as detailed below. Our group has a history of active involvement with one of our management team being a former Chairman of both GRCA and UKCSA.



The UK based International Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Association (GRCA) was formed in 1975 to bring together the various manufacturing companies involved in the infant industry.
Over the last 40 years the organisation has become recognised as the industry leading body for manufacturers worldwide. It has published many reference documents which are widely used by specifiers of GRC/GFRC all over the world. These include the GRCA Specification and the GRCA Design Guide.
We are proud to be the quality partner of the GRCA in its “Full Member” certification scheme with GRC Synergies employees serving on the association council.


UKCSA was formed in 1991 to represent the leading UK manufacturers of cast stone. This materials is used by the majority of house builders to provide aesthetic appeal to their properties. All its manufacturing members comply with strict quality procedures as a condition of membership.
Although primarily an association for manufacturers of cast stone some of these members also produce architectural dressings from Premix GRC. Also produced is “Fibre Reinforced Stone” which although is not compliant to GRCA or PCI standards is suitable for ornamental or decorative purposes.