Spray GRC - GRC Synergies

This method of producing products from GRC was the first to be developed in the early 1970s and is still the most commonly used throughout the world. The properties of the material allow design engineers to successfully model cladding panels with architectural surface areas up to 20m2.

Spray Process GRC contains a relatively high percentage of fibre by weight (typically 5%) and the delivery of such relatively high concentrations of the reinforcement distributed throughout the matrix is only possible using specially designed spray or concentric guns which simultaneously deposit a cement based slurry and chopped alkaline resistant fibres usually 25-37mm in length.

Elements are generally designed using finite element analysis to determine high stress areas within the GRC skin, these being strengthened using a variety of methods including over sprayed formers to give a geometric strengthening or by incorporating a factory attached steel or aluminium sub frame.

Examples of Spray Process GRC can be seen in most of the worlds major cities.