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The use of glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC/GFRC) has increased a great deal over the past decade, with industry professionals favouring the highly versatile material in a wide range of applications.

Primarily used for exterior claddings and facades in large-scale construction products and restorations, GRC is durable, low maintenance, economical and weather resistant.

However, this increase in use has led to a situation where demand regularly outstrips supply, with new and inexperienced GRC manufacturers entering the industry despite the complex nature of the manufacturing process.

For this reason, it is essential to ensure best practice is observed while working with GRC – strict production, testing and quality control processes must be adhered to.

At GRC Synergies, we believe we are truly unique in our ability to provide a complete consultancy and testing service for GRC. Our services are available on a worldwide basis to anyone either manufacturing or using GRC.

Impartial industry experience

Unlike many other so-called “consultants” in the industry, our experience has been gained through establishing, owning and operating a GRC manufacturing business and not merely having a peripheral involvement with the industry.

GRC consultancy services

Our wide-ranging experience and expertise in the GRC industry means we are able to oversee and advise projects involving GRC from end to end, guiding our clients through the tendering process, and advising on correct design, manufacturing and installation of GRC.

We also have extensive experience in joining projects in later stages to provide help and assistance where things have gone wrong due to using inexperienced and non-compliant manufacturers.

Additional services

As a specialist glassfibre reinforced concrete consultant, we provide extensive quality control guidance and industry-leading testing facilities.

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