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At GRC Synergies, we are completely committed to manufacturing, testing and installation best practices, with the ultimate aim of expanding and growing the industry as a whole through the wide use of high quality GRC products.

We believe we are unique in having practical experience in all aspects of GRC/GFRC design, production, testing and installation. Our knowledge and experience ensure successful and cost-effective outcomes on any project and assists in ensuring all stakeholder expectations can be achieved.

Ensuring only the best GRC....

Many of our customers are buyers of GRC who wish to ensure that all manufactured products meet necessary specification and standards requirements.

We provide impartial and independent quality control inspections, as well as pre-order compliance assessments, to ensure any preferred manufacturer has the capabilities to deliver on any given project.

Quality control runs through every aspect of our service For example, we are regularly involved in developing and implementing project-specific Inspection and Testing Plans, and undertaking factory inspections to ensure ongoing compliance.

Impartiality, independence and experience

Our experience in glassfibre reinforced concrete comes from our heritage as a leading GRC manufacturer for many years during our group’s ownership and management of GRCUK, which we sold to Laing O’Rourke Group in 2014.

This means we have the background and expertise to understand, guide and manage every step of the process, while giving our clients peace of mind that we are completely independent and impartial when acting on their behalf.

All activities are documented in accordance with our own internal quality management system, providing full traceability and transparency at every step of the process.

Additional services

As on of the world’s leading industry experts in GRC, we provide extensive lab testing along with broad-ranging consultancy and engineering services

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