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UKAS Accredited Testing Services

Full compliance testing is an essential part of the process in manufacturing glassfibre reinforced concrete.

GRC is a complex product – arguably one of the most complex materials regularly used in the construction industry – and requires a significant level of knowledge, with very strict production and quality control processes

Testing is key for establishing that GRC is fit for purpose – our in-house laboratory services can provide not only external testing for manufacturers to verify their in-house test data but Inspection and Testing Plan compliance for clients

World-leading laboratory testing for GRC

At GRC Synergies, we have invested heavily in our glassfibre reinforced concrete testing capabilities, providing a truly industry-leading service.

We operate what we believe is probably the only laboratory testing facility in the world which has been accredited by an ILAC (international Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) member to be fully compliant to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 in testing GRC to both GRCA and EN standard requirements along with our own laboratory developed methods

UKAS-accredited GRC lab services

We consistently meet, and exceed, industry standards and best practice for GRC testing, and are the only lab in the UK to be UKAS-accredited for all GRCA/EN tests for GRC compliance.

Under our schedule of accreditation issued by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) we are deemed compliant under the standard for the following tests:

  • BS EN 1170 – 5: Complete Bending Test
  • BS EN 1170 – 6: Water Absorption & Density Test
  • BS EN 1170 – 7: Determination of Extremes of Dimensional Variances (Derived in-house method)
  • BS EN 1170 – 8: Cyclic Weathering Test (derived in house method)
  • ASTM C947-03 Flexural properties of thin section GFRC
  • ASTM C948-81 Dry and wet bulk density, water absorption, and apparent porosity of thin section GFRC
  • GRCA MOT – 3: Bending Test
  • GRCA MOT – 2: Density, Water Absorption and Porosity Test
  • LDM (Laboratory Developed Method) 1201 – Determination of embedded anchor pull out strength (tensile loading)
  • LDM (Laboratory Developed Method) 1202 – Determination of embedded anchor pry out strength (shear loading)
  • SAMSA Loss on Ignition
  • BS EN 1097-5 Water content of aggregates
  • BS EN 93301 Particle size distribution of aggregates

For further details on all these tests and their importance within the correct design and engineering of GRC products, please refer to our download section, where you will be able to access in-depth specifications.

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